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Our Business

Xoco-Latte is an artisanal gluten free bakery founded in 2013, located in Missouri City, Texas. Owned by local women of hispanic origin, driven to provide top quality gluten free freshly baked goods and chocolate confections. A brand name derived from Chocolate, We are decided to bring our customers the same sweet good memories this product evoques in everyone who pronounces it.

Who We Are

A local group of entrepreneurs, our company is owned, managed, and lead by driven women of Hispanic origin, committed to success.

Our operations staff include successful professionals bakers, chocolatiers and pastry chefs, with over 10 years of experience and the necessary know-how to bake the products our customers need.

Our clients include:

  • Celiac Disease patients.
  • Autistics patients.
  • Gluten sensitive or intolerant persons.
  • Those who choose to quit on gluten for any reason.

That want to enjoy good flavors and textures in their meals, snacks and treats available.

What we do

Our service is to manufacture and provide a comprehensive list of freshly-made gluten free bakery and chocolatier items, full of flavor and rich in texture, always adapted to fit the gluten-free diet requirements.

We help our clients by providing this products using nothing but the best gluten free certified ingredients available.

We bake in a dedicated, gluten free facility that minimizes the possibility of cross contamination.

Why us

We understand our customers, their struggle with their diets and we are convinced that we can help them have a better quality of life.

•We started this company confident to make business since we can provide a market in need with the products they want.

•Because we know special and unique techniques to make our products taste and feel like “the real thing” and we have the necessary skills to do it timely and the know-how to do it properly.

•We´ve earned the loyalty of our customers that buy our products over and over again, thanks to it´s great taste and texture.

•Because we are constantly evaluating and improving our products, and they are all are made from scratch.

•We offer a signature line of GF chocolates and bonbons that no competitor offers.

•Because our dedicated facility warranties our customers they can rely that our goods are produced in an environment that is safe for them.

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautifull and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.